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ABS-CNN.com, June 2017: Ilan Shor, moldovan businessman sentenced for role in $1 billion bank fraud. August 2018, Moldovan people are still waiting for Shor...

CHISINAU - A Moldovan court sentenced businessman Ilan Shor to seven and a half years in prison on Wednesday for his role in a...

Jurnal.md : „Boyars of impoverished Moldova”: Shor spent 150.000 dollars for a luxury holiday in the Maldives

Out of the billion stolen from the Moldovan banking system, 150,000 dollars went to the Maldives. Ilan Shor sent this sum to a beautiful...

The Guardian : EU to Moldova: sort out corruption or €100m funds will stay blocked

Moldovan government still failing to meet EU conditions on voting system and crackdown on corruption, says EU. Moldova has been warned that €100m (£87m) of...

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